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Earthquake Safety
  The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety
  Click here to download earthquake protection information. This Booklet:
  • Describes the most common weaknesses that can cause damage to homes, in the event of an earthquake.
  • Enables the seller to meet the State Law requiring this booklet be given to every buyer of homes built before 1960.
  • Enables the seller to disclose to the buyer the typical earthquake weaknesses in homes built before 1960.
  • Provides the homeowner with basic information about finding and fixing earthquake-related weaknesses in the home.
  • Provides general information about earthquake risks and directions for finding more information on earthquake safety.

Click here to download earthquake protection information. this document now...

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California State Law requires the seller to:
  • Inform the buyer about known home weaknesses.
  • Strap the water heater, reducing the chance of it falling during an earthquake and possibly causing gas and water lines to break.
  • Deliver a copy of this booklet to the buyer if the home was built before 1960 (Your real estate agent is required to give the seller a copy of this booklet).
  • Deliver to buyers a Natural Hazards Disclosure form. The disclosure will tell buyers whether the home is in an Earthquake Fault Zone or in a Seismic Hazard Zone.
  • Complete the Residential Earthquake Hazards Report, to be provided to the buyer.

California State Law does NOT require the seller to:
  • Hire someone to evaluate your home.
  • Strengthen your home before selling it.
The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety

Delivering this guide
Sellers of homes built before 1960, with one to four units of conventional light-frame construction, must deliver to the buyer, "as soon as practicable before the transfer," a copy of The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety (this booklet) and disclose certain earthquake deficiencies according to Government Code, Section 8897.1 to 8897.4. The seller's real estate agent must provide the seller with a copy of this booklet to give to the buyer. This is also specified in Government Code, Section 8897.5.

Excerpted from: The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety Published by The California Seismic Safety Commission State of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor SSC No. 05-01 2005 Edition


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