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FAQ #1: What is a Disclosure Source report and how does it differ from a disclosure form?

Our reports are designed to assist sellers (and their agents) disclose legally required information to a potential purchaser in a real estate transaction in an easy to understand, economical format. Buyers can rely on our information to help them make a more informed decision regarding the property being considered for purchase. All parties receive the benefit of using the industry's leading provider of natural hazard disclosure products.

We include a prepared Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement with our report. This document delivers a summary of information contained throughout the report. After reviewing the information (and signing the form), sellers and agents can deliver the disclosure with complete peace of mind; knowing their report was prepared by qualified experts, thus shifting potential liability away from themselves. Blank forms (available through various sources) require the seller and/or agent to complete the document, and, if improperly completed, may expose the seller/agent to unnecessary liability.

FAQ #2: Why Disclose?

Governor Wilson signed California Assembly Bill 1195, also known as the "Natural Hazard Disclosure Law", and it became effective on June 1, 1998. The law requires that the seller disclose any "material facts" that could possibly affect the following:

  • the value of the property
  • the ability to develop
  • the safety of the occupants before the completion of the property sale.

California Assembly Bill 1195 specifically states that the responsibility for disclosure rests upon the seller or the seller's real estate agent. If a third party, such as Disclosure Source, is used to provide the disclosure in the form of a natural hazard report, it is the seller and/or seller's agents' responsibility to make sure the report was delivered, reviewed, and signed by the buyer prior to the close of escrow.

Raise the Standard Level of Professionalism

Real estate professionals are facing an ever-higher standard of disclosure within an increasingly difficult period of litigation. Fortunately, you can safely disclose all of the publicly available information pertaining to any residential or commercial property with our wide array of natural hazard disclosure products.

FAQ #3: What is the law in California?

California Civil Code 1103 states that the transferor or the transferor's agent must disclose the fact that the property is located in a natural hazard zone if either:

A) The transferor, or transferor's agent have actual knowledge that the property is located within any of the statutorily defined natural hazard zones or areas (earthquake fault zone, seismic hazard zone, special flood hazard area, area of potential flooding, very high fire severity zone, wildland area that may contain substantial forest fire risks and hazards).
B) The local jurisdiction has compiled a list by parcel (or map) that identifies the properties located within the zone or area and a notice has been posted at the office of the County Recorder, County Assessor, and County Planning Agency that identifies the location of the maps and lists.

Required Disclosure Information

    Flood Hazards

  • A "Special Flood Hazard Zone" identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • An "Area of Potential Flooding" shown on a dam failure inundation map pursuant to Section 8589.5 of the Government Code

    Wildfire Risks

  • A "Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone" pursuant to Section 51178 or 51179 of the Government Code
  • A "Wildland Fire Area" pursuant to Section 4125 of the Public Resources Code

    Geologic Hazards

  • An "Earthquake Fault Zone" pursuant to Section of 2622 of the Public Resources Code (Alquist-Priolo Special Studies Zones)
  • A "Seismic Hazard Zone" pursuant to Section 2696 of the Public Resources Code (Earthquake Induced Landslides or Liquefaction areas)

FAQ #4: Why Disclosure Source?

Disclosure Source is the real estate industry's premiere provider for natural hazard and environmental hazard information. As a seller (or seller's agent) we can assist you to safely comply with statutory requirements for your area. Homebuyers can receive peace of mind from our financial strength and long-term corporate stability. If a problem surfaces after the closing, we'll be there.

Here are additional reasons why Disclosure Source is the industry leader.

  • We pioneered the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology to produce accurate, reliable reports.
  • Our long history of dedication and service.
  • Additional information available (Mello-Roos, Megan's Law, Military Ordinance, Airport Proximity, Toxic Mold).
  • Consumer Information Publications and forms available at no additional charge (Earthquake Safety, Lead Based Paint, Toxic Mold, Environmental Hazards, Home Energy Rating).
  • Locally identified natural hazards and full color reference maps available.
  • Unsurpassed financial strength.
  • Proven service track record and client satisfaction.

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